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by Andy Spence

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An interesting regular read for curious horizon watchers with an interest in the rapidly changing world of work.  This will be delivered to your inbox with some fascinating news, totally biased views, humble insights and original research. 

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The first article is a long read on Unleashing the Decentralised Workforce.

And some questions that drive my curiosity on the future of work:

  • What on earth are playbourers, modders, live streamers, slashies and data labourers and which groups are emerging in the decentralised workforce?

  • Blockchain in HR! Yes really. Who are the main players in the emerging blockchain workforce?

  • What happens when we ditch the CV/resume and workers own their career data and can exchange their time and skills directly with employers?

  • What is a DAO, a platform cooperative, a data trust, a job marketplace, a digital guild and what will organisations look like in the 2020s?

  • What does this all mean for society, welfare, education, careers and YOU!

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