How Blockchain will Change the Way We Work

Video of a speech made at Tech HR Singapore in 2019

This 30 minute speech was made at Tech HR Singapore in 2019

How Blockchain will Change the Way We Work

From an overview of what is blockchain, which features will be useful in the world of work, to what has the internet ever done for HR ?! (with some help from Monty Python). A critique of the way the recruitment and staffing industry use our data and then examples of Blockchain being used in HR from Identity Management and Career Profiles, Credential Verification Platforms, Work Matching Platforms, and Worker Payment Platforms. Finally, what might this mean for work, careers and the firm?

Comments from David Green

Andy Spence has become my go-to when it comes to understanding the role Blockchain will play in the future of work and the HR function. In this speech from the recent People Matters TechHR show in Singapore, Andy provides four examples of how Blockchain is already being used in HR, sprinkles in a dose of James Bond as well as taking the opportunity to impart plenty of dry Mancunian humour.

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