How HR Can Use Technology To Build Better Organizations

60 minutes webinar with Zoho People (requires free sign-up)

This live webinar was recorded with Zoho People in 2020.

How HR can use technology to build better organizations (requires free sign-up)

Technology has played a vital role in helping businesses tackle the COVID-19 conditions, enabling business continuity, better collaboration and creating good remote experiences. People operations are quintessential to a business and HR has found new ways of coping with the pandemic and the new normal through technology. So, how can HR make better use of technology through and post COVID? In this webinar, our expert, Andy Spence talks about

  • How the Global Workforce is changing in the Digital COVID Age and what it means for HR strategy

  • How companies are leveraging Artificial Intelligence and people analytics to meaningfully connect with a diverse workforce

  • A glimpse at the next generation of work infrastructure including the CV/resume, work-matching platforms, and its implications

  • How HR can take a lead role in building better organizations by utilizing technology.

  • Some tips for success in HR and future careers.

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