#WF42 – The Fascinating Evolution of AI From Turing to ChatGPT and Beyond
#WF41 A Lens on the Swirling, Interconnected Work Multiverse

February 2023

#WF40 Illustrated with Declining Dragons, Expanding Elephants, Digital Nomads and DAOs
Keynote speech from Future.Works Lisbon October 2022 - 20 minute video

January 2023

Research Paper available for download, plus video intro by Don Tapscott and infographic
#WF39 A Decade of Transition: Trends and Issues in 2023 and Beyond

December 2022

#WF38 - Workforce Trends with a Festive πŸŽ… Twist That You Can Singalong To

November 2022

#WF37 - The first rule of Digital Transformation is - Do not mention Digital Transformation

October 2022

#WF36 – Discover new nodes for your knowledge network
#WF35 What a brief history of work tells us about the prospects for a life of leisure

September 2022

#WF34 How To Prepare for Volatile Times Ahead

August 2022

#WF33 Tips for balancing work, life, finances, and health over the next few decades.