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Who writes Workforce Futurist and can he really predict the future?

Andrew Spence writes Workforce Futurist Newsletter. An experienced management consultant, having worked on over 30 global transformation programmes over more than 20 years.

There is no one future of work. It is impossible to predict the future with all the swirling entities. I try to highlight emerging work trends, cut through some industry truths, and provide some encouragement for building a better future for work.

I can’t predict the future but will share three things about me,

  • I learnt AI programming languages as part of my Masters in the mid-1990s. AI is not new, I was inspired by its potential as a teenager.

  • I wrote the 1st industry paper on the impact of blockchain on work in 2017, from user-owned work-matching platforms to verifiable credentials. You can download this paper as a PDF here.

  • In July 2015, I made a prediction in a tweet that Donald Trump and Boris Johnson would both be elected leaders of their respective countries. At the time, bookmakers rated this outcome at 1%. The rest is history. I am less proud of this one.

What Readers Say

Outstanding speculation on the future of work Hung Lee - Recruiting Brainfood

I’ve known Andy Spence for a few years and his thinking is consistently a few years ahead of the vast majority of analysts and consultants in our space. David Green -People Analytics leader

This article has really made me think about the next normal of how work will be done and how the workforce and society will come together to add new value to what is now seen as today's broken model. Hélène Stanway Global Head of Technology Innovation AXA

Why am I writing?

My passion is to make work better. Much better.

I have been lucky to see great ways of working where teams of people are empowered to achieve great things.

I have also seen too many sad cubicles, organisations doomed to fail and under-utilised talent.

I believe we can make work better to enable more people to reach their potential.

Top articles to kick things off

Here are 5 of the most popular articles :

  1. Unleashing the Decentralised Workforce - the first article is a long-read about redefining work in the Digital Covid Age.

  2. Blockchain and the Decentralised Workforce - building a new infrastructure of work with Web3, self-sovereign identity, digital credentials, and DAOs from start-ups to Workday.

  3. Why The Four-Day Week Is Not The Answer - more robust and radical solutions needed.

  4. 24 Fast Growing WorkTech Unicorns🦄 - what’s behind the great work technology bull run?

  5. The New Technology of Teams - how organizational network analysis can increase team collaboration.

More on how Web3 will change Work:

More on Digital Transformation:

More on the Changing Workforce:

What are the BIG Questions driving this newsletter?

  1. What happens when we ditch the CV/resume and workers own their career data and can exchange their time and skills directly with employers?

  2. What on earth are playbourers, modders, live streamers, slashies and data labourers and how are they making money in the decentralised workforce?

  3. Blockchain in HR! Who are the main players building this workforce infrastructure?

  4. The gig economy is broken in places, what do we need to make it work?

  5. What is a DAO, a platform cooperative, a data trust, a job marketplace, a digital guild and what will organisations look like in the 2020s?

  6. What does this all mean for society, welfare, education, careers and YOU!

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Who am I?

Keynote Speech, RST Forum, Shanghai, 2019

My passion is to help build the next generation of work, making it much better and collaborating with like-minded people.

I advise organisations, foundations, start-ups/scale-ups in different industries.

I gained an MSc in Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Birmingham in the UK, long before Ms Siri and Mr Watson.

I have worked on many global transformation programmes in a variety of settings from gothic psychiatric hospitals and prisons in London to vast train depots in Berlin and survived exponential visioning sessions in Los Angeles.

My research has included “Blockchain and the CHRO” with Don Tapscott, and I have recognition in the HR and Technology industry.

Before the pandemic, I spoke to more than 12,000 people at Global events in Australia, Russia, Singapore, USA, UK, France, Netherlands, China and Italy.

My Future of Work Speaker Profile

It is an honour to have my work recognised, for example, Top Key Opinion Leaders in the Future of Work from Onalytica.

It would be great to connect with other Workforce Futurists on LinkedIn and Twitter

Here is my info page with links to my research, videos and other resources.

Here is my latest Keynote Speech :-

Thanks for reading!

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