I live in Auckland, New Zealand where the average commute time is at least an hour each way, petrol is $3.03 a liter and public transport hugely unreliable. Many companies have downsized their space, and the last job I had where there was an office, we all went in to a serviced office one day a week, which was great. The irony was, while it was great for the team, we got very little work done. Previously in a government department where I held a senior position with my own corner in a large open plan office, I estimate that easily an average of 30% of time was wasted in deskside chats, meetings that took a long time to get to business, and very little personal accountability. Some people had to work in the office by the nature of their jobs, but most would get much more done when they worked from home, which some of us had reasonable discretion to do.

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