The Post Slack Passion Stack

From workplace collaboration tools to crypto creators

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January 2021 is behind us, and in this issue I continue to look forward positively.

Post Slack Collaboration Tools

Monday morning multi-tasking now involves avoiding crunchy nut cornflakes on the kitchen table, grappling with log-in codes for Zoom calls, and finding information in twitchy chat-rooms like Slack.

There’s a race to build the next generation of workplace collaboration software after Slack was bought by Salesforce for $28 billion last year. We know great work happens in teams, yet our processes and technology focus on the individual.

Teamflow have created a virtual HQ where teams can work remotely with features such as video and whiteboards. Individuals can also move about spatially which feels closer to a gaming environment than virtual work meetings.

It’s early days for work collaboration tools but this will be an exciting space to watch.

Crypto Creators - The First Community Owned $ESSAY

John Palmer, a software engineer and writer, has raised £13,000 to crowdfund his next essay. One of the themes I highlighted in my post, Four Trends Set to Boom, is improved equity for workers. 

Why is this interesting?  Professional writers sell their words through publications and publishers and in the internet era writers can use platforms like Substack to generate income. 

One of the great promises of using blockchain in the world of work is to enable individuals to monitise their skills without the need of intermediaries (who take 5-25% in transaction fees).

So instead of publishing behind a paywall, John has sold $ESSAY tokens in the first community-owned essay. He raised about 10 ETH, worth about $13,000 last time I looked😉.

Creators can benefit more directly from their fans, or investors, and this will have a major impact on the world of work.

More Ways to Learn

Here are 1,500 Free Online Courses from Top Universities. 

This is a great resource with Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) from universities like Stanford, MIT and Oxford. 

Top up your knowledge with courses like

  • How to Speak by Patrick Winston (AI pioneer) from MIT

  • Video Game Design History

  • Epidemics from the University of Hong Kong

More Ways to Earn -> The Passion Economy Stack

Nice to be included in a passion stack - although it’s not quite as sexy as it sounds 😉 .

This is a large collection of ‘passion economy’ people, articles and other resources, empowering anyone to monetize their unique skills. 

Kudos to Mika Reyes and Zack Khan.

Worker of the Week - ‘Rent a Person’ in Tokyo

Shoji Morimoto, is a 37 year-old Tokyo man who rents himself out to other people “to do nothing”.

They don't tell you to 'do your best' or that they 'support you' but stay by your side in silence.

Japan has 80,000 centenarians, so I look to the East for longevity tips.

Could Shoji be the first postmodern life-coach?

Top Thought Leaders to Follow in 2021

Always nice to get a wee bit of recognition, and I made it on the

“The power list of the top 200 thought leaders to follow in 2021”

In at #74, squeezed between a Chief Innovation Officer and a Chief Awesomeness Officer!

peopleHum have done a great a job here, by interviewing everyone on the list, including me speaking about people analytics in the workplace.

Scribe Spotlight

Sari Azout writes the newsletter “Check your Pulse – A tech and startups newsletter designed to make you feel human”

Investors are useful mavens for future trends, because they have to ‘put their money where their mouth is’. 

Sari’s newsletter certainly has a pulse and personality, and is worth checking out. A good place to start is :- “the rise of community-curated knowledge networks”

Clocking Off

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